For motel reservations for the 2021 Cave Degree we recommend contacting the Holiday Inn in Harriman, Tn. Ph. 865-295-0001. There are additional motels in Kingston and Harriman, but this is our first choice.

Please reserve August 20th. and 21st. ,2021 for the 50th. Cave Degree. We hope meeting constraints will be such to allow NORMAL CAVE DEGREE activities by this date. Hope to see you in Kingston for the weekend.

This is also the 200th. anniversary of Union Lodge #38. We hope to be having several events to celebrate both 50 years of the Cave Degree and 200 years of Masonic service to our area.

We will post actives as we get the scheduled.

A 200th anniversary coin is now available for purchase. The price is $10.00 plus shipping. Call or email for info.

865-603-1015 or


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